Generation of ring-shaped laser beam

PEGASUS offers conical components in convex and also concave designs.

  • Substrate materials: N-BK7 (grade A), UV-quartz glass on request
  • Diameter: 8 mm – 70 mm (customized dimensions on request)
  • Apex angle: 170° +/- 0,5° – 45° +/- 0,5° (convex or concave)
  • AR and HR coating on request

A conical mirror (or axicon) typically has a flat and a conical surface. A centered incident TEM00 laser beam is transformed into a laser ring. The diameter of the ring image depends on the apex angle of the conical surface.

  • Optical measurements
  • Medicine
  • Optical communications
  • Laser welding

Customized dimensions and coatings on request.

Just ask!