The standard macro cuvettes are designed for use in different absorption spectrometers. The corresponding PTFE lid prevents from leackage through evaporation.

The cells are available as standard with a flat or rounded base.

Absorption cuvette  with rectangular bottom

ES quartz glassIR quartz glassOptical glassDimensions (mm)Path length (mm)Path width (mm)Volume (ml)Remarks
PL.Q-1PL.I-1PL.G-145 x 12,5 x 3,51100,35
PL.Q-2PL.I-2PL.G-245 x 12,5 x 4,52100,7
PL.Q-3PL.I-3PL.G-345 x 12,5 x 7,55101,7
PL.Q-4PL.I-4PL.G-445 x 12,5 x 12,510103,5
PL.Q-5PL.I-5PL.G-545 x 12,5 x 22,520107,0
PL.Q-6PL.I-6PL.G-645 x 12,5 x 32,5301010,5
PL.Q-7PL.I-7PL.G-745 x 12,5 x 42,5401014
PL.Q-8PL.I-8PL.G-845 x 12,5 x 52,5501017,5
PL.Q-9PL.I-9PL.G-945 x 12,5 x 102,51001035,0

Absorption cuvette with rounded bottom

ES quartz glassIR quartz glassOptical glassDimensions (mm)Path length (mm)Path width (mm)Volume (ml)Remarks
PL.Q-101PL.I-101PL.G-10145 x 12,5 x 3,51100,35Rounded bottom
PL.Q-102PL.I-102PL.G-10245 x 12,5 x 4,52100,7Rounded bottom
PL.Q-103PL.I-103PL.G-10345 x 12,5 x 7,55101,7Rounded bottom
PL.Q-104PL.I-104PL.G-10445 x 12,5 x 12,510103,5Rounded bottom
PL.Q-105PL.I-105PL.G-10545 x 12,5 x 22,520107,0Rounded bottom
PL.Q-106PL.I-106PL.G-10645 x 12,5 x 32,5301010,5Rounded bottom
PL.Q-107PL.I-107PL.G-10745 x 12,5 x 42,5401014Rounded bottom
PL.Q-108PL.I-108PL.G-10845 x 12,5 x 52,5501017,5Rounded bottom
PL.Q-109PL.I-109PL.G-10945 x 12,5 x 102,51001035,0Rounded bottom

Absorption cuvette with flat bottom

ES quartz glassIR quartz glassOptical glassDimensions (mm)Path length (mm)Path width (mm)Volume (ml)Remarks
PL.Q-401PL.I-401PL.G-40145 x 12,5 x 3,51100,35Flat bottom
PL.Q-402PL.I-402PL.G-40245 x 12,5 x 4,52100,7Flat bottom
PL.Q-403PL.I-403PL.G-40345 x 12,5 x 7,55101,7Flat bottom
PL.Q-404PL.I-404PL.G-40445 x 12,5 x 12,510103,5Flat bottom
PL.Q-405PL.I-405PL.G-40545 x 12,5 x 22,520107,0Flat bottom
PL.Q-406PL.I-406PL.G-40645 x 12,5 x 32,5301010,5Flat bottom
PL.Q-407PL.I-407PL.G-40745 x 12,5 x 42,5401014Flat bottom
PL.Q-408PL.I-408PL.G-40845 x 12,5 x 52,5501017,5Flat bottom
PL.Q-409PL.I-409PL.G-40945 x 12,5 x 102,51001035,0Flat bottom