For measuring of large volume liquid, rectangular cuvettes with standard dimensions up to 50×50 mm² are available. Other dimensions and adapted covers are available on request.

Large rectangular cuvettes with volume to 112, 5 ml without cap

ES quartz glassIR quartz glassOptical glassDimension (mm)Path length (mm)Path width (mm)Volumen (ml)Remarks
PL.Q-751PL.I-751PL.G-75122,5 x 25,0 x 25,020206,0
PL.Q-752PL.I-752PL.G-75232,5 x 35,0 x 35,0303022,5
PL.Q-753PL.I-753PL.G-75342,5 x 45,0 x 45,0404056,0
PL.Q-754PL.I-754PL.G-75452,5 x 55,0 x 55,05050112,5