The standard macro cuvettes are designed for use in different absorption spectrometers. The corresponding PTFE lid prevents from leakage due to evaporation. Depending on the design, the cells are available as standard with flat or rounded bottom.

Cylindrical cuvettes
1 or 2 leakage

ES quartz glassIR quartz glassOptical glassDimensions (mm)Path length (mm)Path width (mm)Volume (ml)Remarks
PL.Q-85PL.I-85PL.G-85D22 x 12,510192,82 Stopper
PL.Q-86PL.I-86PL.G-86D22 x 22,520195,72 Stopper
PL.Q-87PL.I-87PL.G-87D22 x 52,5501914,02 Stopper
PL.Q-88PL.I-88PL.G-88D22 x 102,51001928,02 Stopper
PL.Q-95PL.I-95PL.G-95D22 x 12,510192,81 Stopper
PL.Q-96PL.I-96PL.G-96D22 x 22,520195,71 Stopper
PL.Q-97PL.I-97PL.G-97D22 x 52,5501914,01 Stopper
PL.Q-98PL.I-98PL.G-98D22 x 102,51001928,01 Stopper
PL.Q-9PL.I-9PL.G-945 x 12,5 x 102,51001035,01 Stopper