PEGASUS offers flow-through cells in a wide variety of standard types. Due to small measurement volume, these are usually provided with black mask to minimize scattered light.

Depending on the requirements, the beam aperture can be rectangular or circular. Typical spectrometers work with center  heights of 8 or 15mm.

Without masking

With masking
Center height 8 or 15 mm

ES quartz glassIR quartz glassOptical glassDimensions (mm)Path length (mm)window (mm)Volume (ml)Remarks
PL.Q-63PL.I-63PL.G-6345 x 12,5 x 7,55D30,035Round aperture
PL.Q-64PL.I-64PL.G-6445 x 12,5 x 12,510D30,07Round aperture
PL.Q-65PL.I-65PL.G-6545 x 12,5 x 22,520D30,14Round aperture
PL.Q-66PL.I-66PL.G-6645 x 12,5 x 32,530D30,21Round aperture
PL.Q-67PL.I-67PL.G-6745 x 12,5 x 7,55D20,015Round aperture
PL.Q-68PL.I-68PL.G-6845 x 12,5 x 12,510D20,03Round aperture
PL.Q-69PL.I-69PL.G-6945 x 12,5 x 22,520D20,06Round aperture
PL.Q-70PL.I-70PL.G-7045 x 12,5 x 32,530D1,50,018Round aperture
PL.Q-73PL.I-73PL.G-7345 x 12,5 x 7,554 x 120,24Rectangular aperture
PL.Q-74PL.I-74PL.G-7445 x 12,5 x 12,5104 x 120,48Rectangular aperture
PL.Q-75PL.I-75PL.G-7545 x 12,5 x 22,5204 x 121,0Rectangular aperture
PL.Q-76PL.I-76PL.G-7645 x 12,5 x 32,5304 x 121,5Rectangular aperture
PL.Q-79PL.I-79PL.G-7945 x 12,5 x 7,552 x 120,12Rectangular aperture
PL.Q-80PL.I-80PL.G-8045 x 12,5 x 12,5102 x 120,24Rectangular aperture
PL.Q-154PL.I-154PL.G-15445 x 12,5 x 12,510D10,01Round aperture
PL.Q-155PL.I-155PL.G-15545 x 12,5 x 22,520D10,016Round aperture
PL.Q-156PL.I-156PL.G-15645 x 12,5 x 32,530D10,025Round aperture
PL.Q-164PL.I-164PL.G-16445 x 12,5 x 12,510D1,50,018Round aperture
PL.Q-165PL.I-165PL.G-16545 x 12,5 x 22,520D1,50,036Round aperture
PL.Q-166PL.I-166PL.G-16645 x 12,5 x 32,530D1,50,055Round aperture
PL.Q-174PL.I-174PL.G-17445 x 12,5 x 12,510D20,03Round aperture
PL.Q-175PL.I-175PL.G-17545 x 12,5 x 22,520D20,06Round aperture
PL.Q-176PL.I-176PL.G-17645 x 12,5 x 32,530D20,09Round aperture
PL.Q-604PL.I-604PL.G-60415 x 12,4 x 12,410D20,03Short version
PL.Q-614PL.I-614PL.G-61435 x 12,4 x 12,410D20,03Metal connectors
PL.Q-624-2PL.I-624-2PL.G-624-235 x 12,5 x 12,510D20,03Screw connectors
PL.Q-624-3PL.I-624-3PL.G-624-335 x 12,5 x 12,510D30,07Screw connectors

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