1,5 W RGB laser module

  • Wavelengths 450, 525 and 638 nm
  • Freespace or 50 µm fiber coupled
  • 500 mW / channel
  • Separate control for each channel
  • Integrated TEC
  • Compact industrial housing

The table only shows selected standard versions. Other wavelength/power combinations on request.

Art.-no.Channel 1 Channel 2 Channel 3 Beam profileRemarks
PL.M405.30-SM405 nm30 mW------------Single modeFreespace
PL.M450.50-SM450 nm50 mW------------Single modeFreespace
PL.M520.30-SM520 nm30 mW------------Single modeFreespace
PL.M635.100-SM635 nm100 mW------------Single modeFreespace
PL.M405.500-MM405 nm250 mW405 nm250 mW------Multi modeFreespace
PL.M450.2000-MM450 nm1000 mW450 nm1000 mW------Multi modeFreespace
PL.M525.1200-MM525 nm600 mW525 nm600 mW------Multi modeFreespace
PL.M638.800-MM638 nm400 mW638 nm400 mW------Multi modeFreespace
PL.M.450.520.635-SM450 nm20 mW520 nm20 mW635 nm20 mWSingle modeFreespace
PL.M.450.525.638-MM450 nm600 mW525 nm600 mW638 nm600 mWMulti modeFreespace
PL.M.450.525.638-F50450 nm500 mW525 nm500 mW638 nm500 mWMulti mode50 µm fiber coupled
  • Air cooler
  • TEC-cooler
  • Fiber collimator
  • Line generating optics

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