Line laser

Diode laser modules

  • Wavelengths 405 – 808 nm
  • Homogenious intensity distribution along the line
  • SM- or MM beam profile
  • Temperature stabilized
  • Standard fan angles 30°, 45° or 60°
    (others on request)
  • Compact industrial housing

The tables only show selected standard versions Other wavelength/power combinations on request.

Compact housing, temperature stabilized

Laser for machine vision / iC-MINI-series
WavelengthPowerBeam profileRemarks
PL.iC-MI450.70-L30450 nm70 mWSingle modeFan angle 30°
PL.iC-MI450.70-L45450 nm70 mWSingle modeFan angle 45°
PL.iC-MI450.70-L60450 nm70 mWSingle modeFan angle 60°
PL.iC-MI488.30-L30488 nm30 mWSingle modeFan angle 30°
PL.iC-MI488.30-L45488 nm30 mWSingle modeFan angle 45°
PL.iC-MI488.30-L60488 nm30 mWSingle modeFan angle 60°
PL.iC-MI520.50-L30520 nm50 mWSingle modeFan angle 30°
PL.iC-MI520.50-L45520 nm50 mWSingle modeFan angle 45°
PL.iC-MI520.50-L60520 nm50 mWSingle modeFan angle 60°
PL.iC-MI635.100-L30635 nm100 mWSingle modeFan angle 30°
PL.iC-MI635.100-L45635 nm100 mWSingle modeFan angle 45°
PL.iC-MI635.100-L60635 nm100 mWSingle modeFan angle 60°

High power for short exposure time

Laser for machine vision / MICRO-COMPACT
WavelengthPowerBeam profileFan angle
PL.MC450.1000-L30450 nm1000 mWMulti mode30°
PL.MC450.1000-L45450 nm1000 mWMulti mode45°
PL.MC450.1000-L60450 nm1000 mWMulti mode60°
PL.MC462.1200-L30462 nm1200 mWMulti mode30°
PL.MC462.1200-L45462 nm1200 mWMulti mode45°
PL.MC462.1200-L60462 nm1200 mWMulti mode60°
PL.MC525.700-L30525 nm700 mWMulti mode30°
PL.MC525.700-L45525 nm700 mWMulti mode45°
PL.MC525.700-L60525 nm700 mWMulti mode60°
PL.MC638.400-L30638 nm400 mWMulti mode30°
PL.MC638.400-L45638 nm400 mWMulti mode45°
PL.MC638.400-L60638 nm400 mWMulti mode60°

2 channels: doubled power or spare channel

Laser for machine vision / MICRO-series
Art.-no.Channel 1Channel 1Channel 2Channel 2Beam profileFan angle
PL.M405.300-L30405 nm300 mW------Multi mode30°
PL.M405.300-L45405 nm300 mW------Multi mode45°
PL.M405.300-L60405 nm300 mW------Multi mode60°
PL.M450.1000-L30450 nm1000 mW------Multi mode30°
PL.M450.1000-L45450 nm1000 mW------Multi mode45°
PL.M450.1000-L60450 nm1000 mW------Multi mode60°
PL.M462.1000-L30462 nm1000 mW------Multi mode30°
PL.M462.1000-L45462 nm1000 mW------Multi mode45°
PL.M462.1000-L60462 nm1000 mW------Multi mode60°
PL.M525.600-L30525 nm600 mW------Multi mode30°
PL.M525.600-L45525 nm600 mW------Multi mode45°
PL.M525.600-L60525 nm600 mW------Multi mode60°
PL.M638.400-L30638 nm400 mW------Multi mode30°
PL.M638.400-L45638 nm400 mW------Multi mode45°
PL.M638.400-L60638 nm400 mW------Multi mode60°
PL.M405.500-L30405 nm250 mW405 nm250 mWMulti mode30°
PL.M405.500-L45405 nm250 mW405 nm250 mWMulti mode45°
PL.M405.500-L60405 nm250 mW405 nm250 mWMulti mode60°
PL.M450.2000-L30450 nm1000 mW450 nm1000 mWMulti mode30°
PL.M450.2000-L45450 nm1000 mW450 nm1000 mWMulti mode45°
PL.M450.2000-L60450 nm1000 mW450 nm1000 mWMulti mode60°
PL.M462.2000-L30462 nm1000 mW462 nm1000 mWMulti mode30°
PL.M462.2000-L45462 nm1000 mW462 nm1000 mWMulti mode45°
PL.M462.2000-L60462 nm1000 mW462 nm1000 mWMulti mode60°
PL.M525.1200-L30525 nm600 mW525 nm600 mWMulti mode30°
PL.M525.1200-L45525 nm600 mW525 nm600 mWMulti mode45°
PL.M525.1200-L60525 nm600 mW525 nm600 mWMulti mode60°
PL.M638.800-L30638 nm400 mW638 nm400 mWMulti mode30°
PL.M638.800-L45638 nm400 mW638 nm400 mWMulti mode45°
PL.M638.800-L60638 nm400 mW638 nm400 mWMulti mode60°

  • Air cooler
  • TEC cooler
  • Fiber coupling
  • Without line generator

Just ask!