Compact diode laser module

  • Wavelengths 405 – 808 nm
  • TEM00 beam profile
  • Housing dimensions 60 x 35 x 25 mm
  • Freespace, fibercoupled or version with line generator
  • Integrated TEC

The table shows only selected standard versions Other wavelength/power combinations on request.

iC-Mini / freespace version

WavelengthPowerBeam profileRemarks
PL.iC-MI450.70450 nm70 mWSingle mode
PL.iC-MI488.30488 nm30 mWSingle mode
PL.iC-MI520.50520 nm50 mWSingle mode
PL.iC-MI635.100635 nm100 mWSingle mode

iC-Mini / fibercoupled version

WavelengthPowerBeam profileRemarks
PL.iC-MI450.10-FSM450 nm10 mWSingle mode SM-fiber
PL.iC-MI450.10-FPM450 nm10 mWSingle mode PM-fiber
PL.iC-MI488.10-FSM488 nm10 mWSingle mode SM-fiber
PL.iC-MI488.10-FPM488 nm10 mWSingle mode PM-fiber
PL.iC-MI520.10-FSM520 nm10 mWSingle mode SM-fiber
PL.iC-MI520.10-FPM520 nm10 mWSingle mode PM-fiber
PL.iC-MI635.20-FSM635 nm20 mWSingle mode SM-fiber
PL.iC-MI635.20-FPM635 nm20 mWSingle mode PM-fiber

iC-Mini / version with line generator

WavelengthPowerBeam profileRemarks
PL.iC-MI450.70-L30450 nm70 mWSingle modeFan angle 30°
PL.iC-MI450.70-L45450 nm70 mWSingle modeFan angle 45°
PL.iC-MI450.70-L60450 nm70 mWSingle modeFan angle 60°
PL.iC-MI488.30-L30488 nm30 mWSingle modeFan angle 30°
PL.iC-MI488.30-L45488 nm30 mWSingle modeFan angle 45°
PL.iC-MI488.30-L60488 nm30 mWSingle modeFan angle 60°
PL.iC-MI520.50-L30520 nm50 mWSingle modeFan angle 30°
PL.iC-MI520.50-L45520 nm50 mWSingle modeFan angle 45°
PL.iC-MI520.50-L60520 nm50 mWSingle modeFan angle 60°
PL.iC-MI635.100-L30635 nm100 mWSingle modeFan angle 30°
PL.iC-MI635.100-L45635 nm100 mWSingle modeFan angle 45°
PL.iC-MI635.100-L60635 nm100 mWSingle modeFan angle 60°

  • Air cooler
  • TEC-cooler
  • Fiber collimator
  • Line generator

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